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Web site design

After we have captured the customers requirements we then ascertain how the site should look and feel . More importantly the style the customer is looking for.


E-commerce can be added to sites for on-line purchases.


We have a strong track record on sites produced for customers - see the gallery for just some of the sites we have produced.

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Customer focus

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Complete web service

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About us

We are a small web site design company based in Shropshire.

SiteByte have specialised in providing web sites for small businesses and charities where finances are at a premium. By having a strong customer focus we can produce a fully functioning, cost effective and attractive site for our clientele.  

We are an “end-to-end” company. That means that once we know what the customer wants we will be able to offer a list of domain names available, register the domain name on behalf of the customer, create the site, organise email addresses and host the site for the customer on a per annum basis.

Once the site is accepted we can maintain the site if the customer wishes and make changes or updates at a small charge per event.

We can even take your emails for you and contact you so you don’t even need a computer!

See your site as it develops

We have a “Test bed” page for SiteByte web designs and the place where our customers can see their site as it develops.

Customers will be given a password for access and privacy so that progress can be seen as the developing site is periodically uploaded.

This facility, together with our close customer communication, allows for a high level of interactivity to ensure the customer requirements are met.

Test bed facility